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the bridge@nexus

the bridge@nexus

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If your student is new to the bridge and you have not filled out the student registration form, please download and fill it out here.

We now offer free transportation from select local schools! To see our guidelines and download prinatble .pdf documents of the permission slips and other information please select from the options below:

the bridge - Transportation Guidelines

This document includes the current pick-up schedule and the release form you need to fill out in order for your student to be able to ride the bridge bus.



When we meet: the bridge is open after school from 3-6, Monday through Thursday. 

Where we meet: 300 South Lewis Rd. Camarillo, CA. 

Why do we meet: the bridge exists to reach, disciple, and mentor the next generation students! 

What do we do when we meet: the bridge offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage and participate in: 

Homework Center: We have a room dedicated for students to get homework done in a quiet and focussed environment. We also have computers that students are able to use to write out assignments or work on projects.

Sports gym: The Sports gym is open and is an excellent place for students to exercise and have fun. There are two basketball hoops set up at both ends of the gym. Additionally, we play dodgeball, football, whiffle ball, and tons more. 

Music room: The Music room provides an opportunity for students to spend time working with skilled musicians who desire to teach different instruments to students willing to learn. We offer lessons in acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboard, and percussion. 

The Energy lounge: A great spot for the students to go relax, play games, chat with friends, and have fun with each other! 

The Arts: The Art room is fully dedicated to students who love to create art! There are different art teachers who come in on a daily basis to spend time creating various projects for each student to work on! 

Game room: Our Game room is designed to have as much fun in as possible. There is pool, board games, console games, and more! There's an awesome snack bar in there too!


How do I get more information: Contact Lynn Halcomb, 805.384.1182 x101, or email


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the bridge@nexus

the bridge@nexus

June 1, 2011 Posted By Trevor Gavin
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The book of Nehemiah is one of my favorite books in all of Scripture. It’s essentially a detailed journal of a man called by God to rebuild the wall in which surround Jerusalem. The problem was, the wall had been torn down for roughly 140 years. Nehemiah, who was the kings cupbearer was specifically burdened by God and chosen to carry out an epic calling!

As we read Nehemiah we watch a man whose burdened and feels compelled to make and see change. He spends roughly three months praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord on how and when to go about making the attempt to rebuild the wall. During this time walls were extremely important for the well being of a cities survival. They served as protection and privacy from surrounding nations. With the wall torn down, the city was put in ruins. People fled, worship ceased, and life in Jerusalem for the most part had come to a complete stop. Despite Nehemiah’s comfort level from living in the kingdom He was none the less burdened to sacrifice and make a change!

As Nehemiah prayed and fasted God ultimately instructed him to talk with the King himself to be sent on the epic quest of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Nehemiah understood what he was about to embark on, and asked a pagan king if he would give him money, men, time off of work, and permits to rebuild. Since God was so clearly in this, the King consented and gave Nehemiah all that he requested.

The vision Nehemiah had is a very similar vision that we have for reaching the youth of our great community, Camarillo. The question that’s worth being asked is how did a normal man like Nehemiah make such a colossal difference for not only the people of Jerusalem, but for the advancement of God’s kingdom!

1. What’s the problem?

Nehemiah saw that there was a problem with the wall being torn down and how that ultimately effected everything for the Hebrews. If the wall had not been rebuilt is was not merely effecting one generation, but generations to come. As we fast forward several thousand years to Camarillo California, we can see many problems! One of the large problems in Camarillo, is the youth of our city. Due to the fact that there are many students that are living in less than ideal house holds, they are spending a majority of their time being and doing things that they shouldn’t. This is effecting their social life, academics, and trajectory for the future. Instead of being mentored in the things of God they are being mentored and discipled by secular music as well as MTV etc. With out a doubt this is going to have an effect on this generation of students, but also future young people if something is not done.

2. What is the solution?

Nehemiah looked at the destruction that was Jerusalem, and instead of feeling bad and doing nothing; He took action! There was only one solution, that being rebuild the wall so that God’s people could resume life and worship of Him. With that clear calling and conviction from God Nehemiah began to recruit and plan for something that hadn’t been accomplished in roughly 140 years, since the wall was torn down. Similarly, we can ask ourselves “what is the solution for the youth of camarillo?” What can we do so that more young people can meet and fall in love with Jesus, in the hopes that they will be changed as well as generations to come will be. Currently there are several places in Camarillo where students can go. YMCA and Boys and Girls club are two examples. Despite the fact that both places are noble and are seeking to help youth, they are unable to promote and proclaim the Gospel the way a church can. Not only that, there are certain families who are unable to pay to send there students to these places. With that being said, creating a Youth Center where students from 6th-12th grade can come and hang out for free within a Christian environment seems like an incredible solution. But, like the rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, this seems impossible. Yet, God has called us like He has Nehemiah and has enabled this venture to become a reality.

3. Why does this need to be done now?

Nehemiah was not going to sit back and hope that someone in the near future would stand up and take action in this process. He being called, was convicted to not let another year go by with out rebuilding the wall, so the City could resume life and worship in Jerusalem. Like Nehemiah, we are compelled to not let another generation of young people go by without hearing the Gospel, and how much Jesus loves them. This is an adventure that we should not hope or assume another church or anybody else will hopefully step up and do. God has called and equipped us for such a time as this, to begin to make a difference in the lives of Lord willing hundreds of young people.

Is God calling you to get off the sidelines and sacrifice to make a difference for eternity? If so, the Bridge Youth Center could be the best place for you to get started. Do you have a hunger and desire to see lost people meet Jesus and be changed forever? To be able to spend quality time with young people teaching sports, art, music, and the like? If so, I want to encourage you to pray and seek God and allow Him to break your heart for the youth of Camarillo, just like He broke Nehemiah’s heart for the people of Jerusalem!


May 16, 2011 Posted By pastor bruce - lead pastor
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calvary chapel nexus goes multisite - one church at multiple locations

nexus is: a means or place of connection, a connected group, or the center ...

One of the great needs in our community is a place for the next generation to connect and learn about Jesus - the real Jesus of the Bible, not merely some cultural icon. We need a place for young adults to call their home church in the city. We want a place where we can connect with God and one another, grow, and reach our community and the world for change. Nexus will be designed, created and implemented with the next generation in mind.

Our community needs another center that is a caring and safe environment for kids before and after school. There are single parent homes and homes where both parents work and in both types there is a need for someone to help care for kids, especially junior high and younger. Our community has a couple of good places that are trying to provide that service but something is missing. What we need is a place where parents can send their kids before and after school where they will: learn about Jesus, get help with homework, play sports and games, have music and performing arts lesson, etc. 

Our community needs a center to be a nexus between the church and the city.